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Focusing On The Consequences of Every Action

In life we get to screw up a couple of times and never make the right decisions. But, it is okay because it is when we stumble for the first time we get to stand back up with wisdom. So, how do you get your life back and make the right decisions? Here’s how.

Some might be forced to work on a pros and cons list but not every decision should go through such process. Not everything on your list cancel each other out and most people are not able to make such list very well. It is much better that you list down the consequences rather than the benefits and downsides.

Focus more on the outcomes rather than the choices themselves. If you focus yourself on having an outcome that is favorable to you, then you already have a decision in mind.

The first thing you should remember in making a decision is to find out the origin of the dilemma. Identify why you were faced with such a lifechanging decision in the first place. If you are able to get in touch with how the complication was made then you will be able to find a solution.

Research show that following your gut is the most likely choice of solution for people who are faced with a dilemma. It is because our subconscious mind is a lot better at handling complex thoughts than our conscious mind.

Never force yourself to answer decision immediately. Save some time for yourself to ponder upon which decision you should make. Hasty decisions ultimately lead to regret even if the decision was a good one.

Always base your decision to what you feel is right and true. This way, you will never have to regret the things that you have decided.

And lastly, the choice is all yours. Whatever your process of decision making is, you answer only to yourself. There’s no one in this world that will make the decision for you other than yourself so be prepared.

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