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I Love ME!

Give yourself some chocolates OR, better yet, get some frozen yogurt!

  • Treats in small quantities are a great way to show yourself some love!

  • Instead of hoping that special someone or a loved one gifts you with chocolates, go out and get your own healthy treat! Feel good about what you’re putting into your body and at the same time enjoy the taste of a food that is typically a treat.

  • If you are gifted with chocolates and don’t want them around your house, give them to a next door neighbor or bring them to the office to share with co-workers. This is a nice gesture and also ensures that you won’t eat an entire box of chocolates at one sitting (if chocolate is your weakness!)

Treat yourself to a mani or pedi or a massage.

  • Do something that makes you feel pretty, happy, and most of all like you are able to make yourself feel loved by yourself. If funds are running low, take some $ you are putting or would put towards a V-day gift for a significant other and spend it on yourself.

Cook a romantic dinner…for ONE.

  • When’s the last time you’ve taken time to cook a really fabulous meal for yourself, drank some good wine, and just totally relaxed? Celebrate love for your body by giving cooking yourself a romantic dinner.

Do an extra workout.

  • ENJOY time with your body and give yourself the time to do a fun, extra workout! Is there a cool class you’ve wanted to try out? Is there a new studio you’re curious about? Check online because many gyms and studios give you one class or even one week free.

Buy yourself (or if you’re in a warm-weather state, pick yourself) some flowers!

  • Flowers make almost everyone happy. So make yourself happy by getting a beautiful bouquet to place in your kitchen or somewhere in your house or apartment. Complete the bouquet with a little card that says something like, “I’m Awesome! Love, Me.”

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