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The Importance Of Milestones

Today my 6 year old is graduating from kindergarten. The class is having a “moving up” ceremony. The kids have been practicing songs and poems for weeks now and they are extremely excited to be headed to First Grade. It is clearly very important to children as they become “big kids” – a milestone to be acknowledged.

This event for my daughter made me think of how milestones are useful, important and significant on our journey of life or business success. Here are some reasons for us to acknowledge milestones in our own life.

First, achieving a milestone means you set a goal, made a plan to achieve that goal then took the necessary steps to make it happen. That is a big deal! That is worth celebrating – YAY YOU! Whether you ran a marathon, got your first client or made your first million, the system is the same and each marker is worth acknowledging.

Second, it is important to reward yourself for a job well done. Setting a goal and achieving it IS a job well done so pat yourself on the back, sing your own praises, take a short rest then set your next milestone to achieve.

Finally, use what works and keep it going! You don’t have to get everything right but make note of what did work. What kept you motivated? What got you out there doing your thing when you would rather take a nap? Notice what worked and do more of it. Notice what did not work and do less of it.

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