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5 Productive Things To Do In Summer

Summer is the holiday season for many, as Schools, Colleges and Universities take a break. Many people take time off work just to relax and have some fun. For most countries, summer is usually between June and August, and others have theirs between December and February, and for some there is no summer. It is hot almost the whole year. But at least we all have holiday seasons!

Now the Big question pops up in your mind and you ask yourself, “How do I spend my summer?” Good question! Whenever this question appears in my head, I first answer it with a question. I ask myself, “What do I want to achieve this summer”. As soon as I know what I want to achieve then I know how to spend my summer.

Summer becomes very interesting when you have a GOAL. It gives you something to look forward to, and Life is fun when you have something to look forward to. One general rule I follow when setting goals is called “S.M.A.R.T”.



This is going to work for anyone that applies it properly. There are many things to do during summer but I decided to list just 5, to reduce the length of this article. In everything you do this summer, let there be a balance between your physical, mental, social and spiritual life. You need a balance to remain healthy in every aspect of life. Here is my short list.

1. TRAVEL OR CHANGE ENVIRONMENT – This is very common so I won’t say much. Friends and Family are very important and summer is a great time to spend with them. Apart from that, it is also good to change environment. It expands your mind and changes your thinking, and when you return you feel refreshed and ready.

2. TRY NEW THINGS – Many times we run away from things we have never done before just because we are afraid. My dear reader! Don’t allow FEAR stop you from making progress! “You never know what you are good at until you try”. This is a great way of discovering your gifts and talents. Whenever “fear” comes ignore “him”.

3. STAY IN SHAPE – We are going to be needing our bodies for a while, depending on how long we wish to live on earth, so it is only wise to keep it in shape (healthy). Let’s not get too carried away that we forget our health is vital to life.

4. READ – Please don’t allow relevant information be hidden from you just because it is printed in a book. You need relevant information to grow, and most of them are written in books. Your career, gifts, talents and dreams can be developed when you read relevant information printed on paper. Start today! Get a book that answers the question your mind has been asking and read it.

5. PLAY – It is hard to forget to play but it is also very important. The mind needs some form of excitement to stay healthy. Go out! Run, jump, fly, play games, watch movies, whatever it is you enjoy. Make sure you enjoy your holidays and return better, brighter and beautiful.

With Love, GOKE.

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