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This is Your time to Shine Bright

I personally love the analogy of candles on a birthday cake.

Like a candle on a birthday cake, each and every one of us has come here with a special light, special talents or gifts, to contribute to the celebration of life. If we are playing small, ignoring our gifts or barely living, our light cannot shine bright and the celebration is diminished. When we all step into our full power, realizing our hopes and dreams, our lights shine bright and the celebration is truly remarkable!

We are all here to BE an expression of higher wisdom.

When we all begin to claim our power, live the life we came here to live, treat each other with respect, dignity, love, kindness and compassion, there can be no darkness!

The darkness we see on our planet now is full of fear, worry, control, anger, and hatred. This is lower vibrational energy that cannot survive in a higher vibrational (love-based) environment!

When enough of us shine our light, the darkness will no longer be a point of focus!

Every one of us feeling the urge or chaos of change is being encouraged to step fully into our own power now. We are being activated by higher wisdom to be an evolutionary force in the world. This means that we need to begin to see that the power is not outside of us, but within us.

This is not Motel 6 and no one is keeping the light on for you. Each of you must be willing to turn the light on within yourself and stand out to shine!


Now with this shift of consciousness is a pressure to get rid of anything that is dark within ourselves or is no longer compatible with the person we are evolving to be. We are being guided by higher wisdom onto new paths for life and living.

On the physical plane, many people are being challenged with disease or conditions that are seemingly incurable. And yet, the reports continue of unexplainable recoveries and miraculous cures as people claim their power to heal themselves. Alternative medicine and healing techniques are spreading worldwide as people recognize that they have the power within themselves to heal anything.

Many people are finding their sleep patterns are changing. Either they are requiring a great deal of sleep or they are waking up at odd hours filled with energy. Tastes and appetites in all areas of our lives are shifting.

Some people have been experiencing a wrenching open of their heart. On a physical level it feels like it might be a heart attack, but it is a prying away of the walls around our hearts that have limited our capacity to love. This often happens in the middle of the night during our sleep state when we are more open to assistance from the spiritual realm.

Many people are experiencing a time of challenge, depression, frustration and emotional pain. This is a sign that you are being asked to give up some behavior pattern, some belief, some memory that has kept you trapped in the old paradigm. See these experiences as gifts that are allowing you to transform. Learn the lesson, change the pattern, and move on into the new dimensions.

Many people are aware of new sensitivities, new abilities to be intuitive as they connect with higher wisdom and levels of consciousness. Many people who have been aware of their gifts are now finding their gifts in different forms. This intuition may be presented as an ability to see in visions, hear as if voices are speaking, simply knowing, sensing or feeling, and even the sense of smell.

The veil is being lifted and our access to higher wisdom is available to us all in ways we’ve never experienced before. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive the guidance or support you’ve requested.

YOU deserve it!

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