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Fighting the Real Fires

Fire fighters are admirable people. When they arrive at the scene of a fire they don’t question how the fire started or who started it. They just get on with the job, as in the famous ‘Nike’ saying… Just Do It.

Fires in forests burn unchecked through the root system underground. It normally begins in one area then flares up somewhere else in a matter of minutes.

The same can be true of our emotions. We react internally to one thing in one place and the eruption occurs somewhere else…later! When we keep our emotions buried, for example anger, they only flare up and manifest in different forms, sabotaging a situation, as we react rather than respond. In fact, an emotion without social rules of containment and expression is like an egg without a shell; simply a gooey mess. Therefore emotions do need to be contained, however they also need to be listened to.

A fire fighter learns how to contain a fire; assess the type of response needed (chemical versus water), and then proceeds to extinguish the blaze. For us, in the context of our emotions, we must learn to differentiate them, see them as energy which is neither negative nor positive and then channel that power to bring benefit and reduce as much loss as possible. The task of dousing the fire of negative emotions may seem huge, but with patience, perseverance, forgiveness and courage we can learn to neutralize (contain) and transform them (put out the blaze).

Emotions can tell us a lot about ourselves. E-motion is energy in motion. An energy that is not in alignment with my deepest inner truth will appear to be out of line or out of synch, and we call it ‘being emotional’. We have reacted from a negative place of fear, anger or dislike. The purest emotion we can experience at all times is that of peace. If, instead of reacting to external events, we connect with the energy of our peace, we are able to pour cool water on any situation, no matter how heated it may be.

It’s time… to become aware of the fires within you and around you – and be sure to carry the extinguisher of a healthy, positive mindset. An affirmative mind will allow you to accept the emotions that are arising within, and channel the energy into a positive direction. Best of course, is to become fire-proof, by spending time meditating and digging a deep well of inner peace. Perhaps that’s when we can truly be warmhearted, knowing that there are no risk of any underground fires!

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