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Keep Your Good Memories, Not the Bad Memories

Going out with your friends is a good time, sometimes they can be the best memories in fact they can be a life time of great memories or it could be something that you never want to remember ever again; and it could have been all avoided if you would not have drank so much or would have decided to have a designated driver then your whole future could have been different because once you get a DUI things just get worse and worse. All because you wanted to have a couple a beers and possible a mixed drink or two now your entire driving record is ruined, plus now you have a felony against you and you might have to do some time plus a healthy fine and your insurance just went insane; now was not that a great Friday night let us do it again. Well now you can guess what you need, and that is a very reputable DUI attorney to get you the least possible time that the court has in store for you and we can tell you that without a good DUI lawyer defending you, you might not walk out of the court room, scarred yet, well you should be and it will give you second thoughts about the next time that you go out and yeah party!

And once this things happens it can effect so many other things, like when you fill out a job application, question number 9, have you or have you ever had a felony or been charge with anything other than a driving citation; well what are you going to do lie about everything here and when they find out the truth you will be FIRED!

Not to be so blunt but it just is not worth it now is it when so much or your future is effected just for a fun evening out with the buddies; from now on when everyone goes out to have fun there has got to be one of the group that is a goody two shoes that does not drink, even if you have to make friends with one just to have around; yeah I know that sounds cruel but you need to make some choices here and it definitely cannot be repeated after something like this.

Go dancing with your friends and your girl friend and have some good clean fun possibly make a home party and dance and eat a lot of food, go swimming and screaming make new friends instead of going out and trying to find more trouble than you need; avoid getting a ticket at all cost because the cops will not let you go, they are relentless and want you to fail, prove them wrong.

Now that you have made some good decisions we are proud of you and so is your family and friends, nothing can get into your way if you do not let it; get some excellent education a great job and move forward with providing for your new future and a wonderful new family that you can make.

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